This is the indructory video to this podcast since we are now hosting on PODBEAN and we are finally on Itunes. I thought I would start this one out letting everyone knwo the direction of the podcast. I will continue to grow, add things to the show, and delete them as well. Basically this podcast channel is geared all through perspective. Perspective is something that is very well known in our society but it is not always put into act. If we truly understand that everyone views every situation, conflcit, event, etc. differently. Just becuse everyone thinks differently or we have viewed a situation different that you doesnt mean they are wrong, negative, or evil it just means they are different. The exact way god created us. 

I also get into Lebron James and how we criticize him or everything he does on the basketball court but we fail the see the greatness he displays off of the court. We need to do better. 


All with love, 



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