Welcome to the What is Your Perspective podcast page. Join Host Nate Harris as he shares mutiple perspectives on current controversies, life, relationships, carrers, sports, entertainment and more! Do you feel like you need a fresh perspective on life to get you going again? You get it all here. What is your perspective was created because all the tension, hate, and division that has been going on in our country and Nate's Objective is to create dialogue with many different individuals from different backgrounds and walks of life to share their perspectives on curret situation from their point of view. The goal is to get people to be able to see issues from another point of view and feel as if they are walking in someone elses shoes. Hopefully this will bring people together an become more sensitive and thoughtful to other issues in our society that may not be directly affecting them.

We wants to bring guest on and share their expeiences about their caeers and professions hopfully inspiring someone to follow their dreams to get. We all have dreams but some of us are scared to take that first step towards their dreams. I want individuals to hear from real people who are winning and successful in their respective industry to share how they got there, shwoing people that they can do it do if they just take that first step. 

NOT EVERYTHING IS SERIOUS. We will be discussing sports, entertainment, relationships, love all from different perspective and points of view. 

If you want to be Featured on the show get in contact with Host Nate Harris